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Coin of the Roman Republic
Roman Republican Coinage

The goal of this site is to provide collectors with a source of authentic, high quality, ancient Roman coins at reasonable prices. Most of the coins you will find on this site are between 1600-2200 years old, and I believe offer a fascinating glimpse into ancient Roman history.

Each Roman coin has been personally attributed using multiple references in an attempt to provide the collector with as much information as possible about their purchase. In addition all items on this site are backed by a lifetime authenticity guarantee.

If you have comments, suggestions, or are looking for a Roman coin not found on this site, please contact me at New coins are added to this site on a regular basis so please check back frequently.

Silver Denarius of the Emperor Trajan
Roman Imperial Coinage

Lot of High Quality Roman Coins
Unattributed Roman Coins

Several Roman Antiquities
Roman Bronze Arrowheads

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